Lessons Learned

I want someone who will support me being strong and independent, but will be there for me when I need to break down and have them hold me.

I want someone who will let me be ridiculously romantic and appreciate it and occasionally return the affection.

I want someone who will be proud to have me by their side and consider me to be a valuable addition to their life.

I want someone who will love me unconditionally. Because I’ve earned it and because I deserve it.

And I want someone who will do this consistently. Day in and day out. Because they want to, not because they feel like they have to.

Who will want me around and cherish every second they have with me.

Who will be committed to me. And won’t be scared off by the fact that I’m insanely committed to them.

I asked myself too many times what I was doing here.

I can’t lose something that I never had.

It’s finally time for me to move on.

(Source: maudit)

No one ever surprises me anymore. They take what they want from me and move right along.

~ Motives for the Sexual Double Standard: A Test of Female Control Theory